RETHINK – Training for campaigners and activists

During 9, 10 and 11 April an intensive training for social media campaigners and human rights activists took place in Lusófona University. The main aim of the training was to provide marketing techniques on how to assure the sustainability of a counter-narrative campaign in the long-term for the best implementation of the project. as well as to present do’s and don’ts on key social media campaigns’ topics, such as advertisement, dissemination and call-to-action. Lastly, the training aimed at developing practical knowledge on how to respond to online engagement from hostile users.

All the organizations were represented by 2 members: 1 social media manager and 1 activist to assure online management and dissemination of counter-narrative campaigns.

The need for developing this type of training was to assure that all the staff is properly motivated and capacitated to deal with this new type of specific social media campaigns, namely counter and alternative narratives. On the other hand, the social component of the training was important to develop teambuilding and approximate all the co-partners in a closer environment.

The training had a non-formal education methodology, such as role-play, case-studies and debate. For instance, the trainer Jasmeet Sahotay from PATRIR asked the participants to conceptualize and evaluate their own counter-narrative campaigns, in order to develop key skills regarding counter-narratives’ management and online dissemination. Lusófona University hosted the event, but PATRIR was in charge of this training methodological design.

Finally, the training in Lisbon was closed with a practical workshop led by Safa Karatas, who’s a Turkish specialist in extremism prevention that currently is working at Refugees Support Centre in Turkey and collaborates regularly with Lusófona University in projects under this scope. The intention of the workshop was to assess the new challenges for future societies concerning inclusion, tolerance and interfaith dialogue in order to relate these topics with the global threat of transnational terrorism.