RETHINK at the Portuguese Television Channel – SIC Notícias

Last week, RETHINK project had the opportunity to present its main strategy and objectives in one of the most prestigious Portuguese television stations: SIC Notícias.

The project was represented by its coordinator, Professor José Paulo Oliveira, and one of its consultants for interfaith dialogue, Sheik David Munir. Professor José Paulo Oliveira highlighted the importance of counter-propaganda initiatives to challenge online hate-based messages, both far-right and Islamist which are the target audiences of the RETHINK project. Professor José Oliveira also specified the sustainability strategy for the RETHINK project with a new project called CEAR – Community Engagement Against Radicalisation, which already started to be implemented by Lusófona University.

Sheik David Munir gave a statement on how important it is to keep the Muslim communities engaged to counter any form of violent extremism by providing concrete narratives of his life as a religious leader.