Our Project

The general objective of the project is to prevent vulnerable audiences from starting a process of radicalisation by offering them resilience and critical thinking mechanisms, as well as convince those already engaged within a process of radicalisation to abandon it or dissuade them from going further by providing an alternative narrative that deconstructs extremist rhetoric, in order to change violent behaviour.

This will be achieved through 7 social media campaigns.

vulnerable audiences to Islamist extremism

Community Heroes

Aim to provide resilience mechanisms, such as sense of community belonging or identity to vulnerable young people (aged 12-16) from Muslim communities;

Narratives of Global Islam

To empower Muslim communities through specific features of Islam, such as fundamental rights based on testimonies from Muslims leaders or activists;

The True Face of Extremism

To present the reality of violent extremism based on former extremists, their families and friends, in order to deconstruct idealistic views.

vulnerable audiences to far-right extremism

Conspiracy theories

From satire to danger: to demystify social myths and conspiracy theories propagated by far-right extremism through a factual and humorous tone;

What it is to be part of a far-right violent group

To share real narratives that identify the risks associated with being a former far-right violent extremist based on real experiences

general people vulnerable to polarisation and misinformation and extremism

Critical thinking tools

To teach how to critically analyse information by recognizing assumptions or implications, specially as concerns information disseminated by both traditional and social media;

Peer2peer communication a call-to-action against extremism

To engage and reach local communities and call them to action against violent extremism.