RETHINK – Launching of the Campaign Narratives of Global Islam

In 11th September 2019, RETHINK launched its third campaign, Narratives of Global Islam. In order to launch this new campaign, RETHINK’s team decided to develop a public event in the ADFP Foundation’s Headquarters, which have an Ecunemic and Universalist Temple. The objective of the campaign is to present individual testimonies of credible voices within the Muslim community in order to highlight the main features of Islamic interpretations in order to combat extremist propaganda. Secondly, to amplify the voices of credible leaders, activists and practitioners within the Muslim community and disseminate role-models aimed at deconstructing violent extremist propaganda.

RETHINK – Launching of the Campaign Critical Thinking Tools

In 17th July 2019, RETHINK launched its second campaign, Critical Thinking Tools, in an event with direct online streaming for RETHINK’s social media pages . In the face of online misinformation and cognitive manipulation which digital citizens are exposed, this campaign intends to disseminate instruments that allow a critical analysis of the information, in order to prevent social processes of radicalization.

RETHINK – Launching of the Campaign Peer2Peer Communication

In 26st June 2019, RETHINK launched its first campaign, Peer2Peer Communication, in Lusófona University with video’s interventions from all partners. The main aim of the campaign is to engage and reach local communities to be aware about the problem of violent extremism and its consequences by encouraging role-models, such as actors, public figures or athletes, to deconstruct social issues related to violent extremism. As a consequence, relevant actors from civil society will have their voices amplified about multiculturalism, interreligious dialogue, equality of opportunities and violence.

RETHINK – Training for campaigners and activists

During 9, 10 and 11 April an intensive training for social media campaigners and human rights activists took place in Lusófona University. The main aim of the training was to provide marketing techniques on how to assure the sustainability of a counter-narrative campaign in the long-term for the best implementation of the project. as well as to present do’s and don’ts on key social media campaigns’ topics

Lusófona University hosts RETHINK kick-off meeting on November 26th, 2018

Lusófona University in Lisbon will host the kick-off meeting for RETHINK Project on November 26th. This meeting will gather together all consortium members for the project, coming from Sweden, France, Italy, Hungary and Romania. This meeting is especially important due to work planning and to create a solid and unique project team with all consortium partners.

RETHINK project is publicly presented on November 27th in Lisbon, Portugal

RETHINK Project will be officially presented to the public on November 27th, at auditorium Armando Guebuza, at Lusófona University, in Lisbon. Project stakeholders and national and European authorities will state their vision on extremist counter-narratives and the importance of critical thinking.